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"Sno Cat"
(written by Kristin Hersh)
A man made of butterfat
Careening around on a SnoCat
And I can't drive any faster
My hands are like ice and the moon shines
On pepper trees and rogueries
The yellow lines look blue
Snow buries whitehall
White powdered nembutal
And I can't think anymore
My feet are like ice as the moon sets
On Christmas trees and plastic deer
I decide to forgive and forget
I thank god you're comatose
As I pull back the bedclothes
And I can't believe my composure
And I can't remember my anger
And summer is a fish story
I wonder where we'll be

Guitar Tab (courtesy of Red Eyes)

- The Grotto, 2003
- Instant Live: The Paradise, 2005
- Mississippi Candlelight, 2006

"That's about a, um, discussion/argument/fight. I'm really, really bad at fights. Because, all my philosophy professor dad ever taught me was that you can't know anything. I'm a really good listener and a terrible fighter. Billy, who is well-spoken, articulate, confident of his every move, wins every single fight. So he goes to bed, falls asleep, and then I go for a drive. This one, I ended up going for a drive in the, you know, four o'clock in the morning or something and we were living on the crazy island where I grew up and I was driving around in the snow and there's this huge, fat guy driving around in the snow on a SnoCat, in his yard. At four o'clock in the morning! And his, his body's just dripping over the side and jiggling along in the snow... And, uh, as soon as I saw that I just, I couldn't be mad anymore."

Fireworks for you in the ozone snow.