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Kristin Hersh
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- Crooked Beginnings, 2010

- "I love to watch musical passages in a song diverge. When the down beat of a melodic phrase falls on a different chord each time it comes around or when listening to the drum pattern and guitar part together feels like doing two math problems in your head at once.
This song is all about half steps and rhythmic skips. It was crazy/exhilarating to play and is crazy/exhilarating to listen to -- at least for me. It's a nice little "yay!" and "f*ck you!" when music shouldn't work but does anyway.
"Speedbath" is the title of one of my son Wyatt's comics. It seemed to fit this song, which has the word "speed" in it (that counts, right?). Both Wyatt and the song are equally wacky, anyway.
Love, Kristin"


(written by Kristin Hersh)
In the boiling grip of bad love
I was dizzy with hunger and oxygen
And it was so goddamn cold
And then I can't see my shoe to tie it
Eyes full of tears and I'm not a crier
And you were so goddamn cold
You were so goddamn cold
You were so goddamn cold
You were so goddamn cold
And ever since there's only heartbreaking you
Maybe you shoulda let me drown
All I wanted was to swim out to sea
I only wanted us to swim out to sea
Maybe you shoulda let me drink
Maybe you shoulda let me speed
In a well-lit Mexican restaurant
I order badly so we make out
Tequila in our hands
We'll never breathe again

Fireworks for you in the ozone snow.