Throwing Muses
Kristin Hersh
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Kristin Hersh: Strange Angels

01. Home
02. Like You
03. Aching For You
04. Cold Water Coming
05. Some Catch Flies
06. Stained
07. Shake
08. Hope
09. Pale
10. Baseball Field
11. Heaven
12. Gazebo Tree
13. Gut Pageant
14. Rock Candy Brains
15. Cartoons

LABELS: 4AD, Play It Again Sam, Rykodisc, Rough Trade


- "I played myself into oblivion. You know, as much as I didn't turn this session into a "Session," capital 'S', by asking all my friends to play, I played about ten times as much I should have, just because my band wasn't there. I was making up for lack of bass and drums. And so the mix for me was peeling away the layers. Just erasing and erasing and erasing and re-recording so that something played on piano could be played on guitar or backing vocals so it didn't sound like there were so many people in the room. 'Cause then it sounds like you sing these songs and they're theoretically, you know, naked, but then you got all these friends in the room with you. So what are you saying? So I was just peeling away, peeling away, erasing and erasing and erasing, and then the song was there. And all this time, all it wanted was to be left alone. It just was like the whole recording session was a total waste of time. I should have just sat in a room, played the songs and kept all the advance money."

- "Well here I am bitching about my band, puking about my band breaking up, and yet, you know, because I felt like someone took my paint away and handed me a pencil. And yet people can see what you're drawing when you use a pencil. You know, all these years I've been trying to impress them with my bright, loud splashes of color, and they just kind of looked at it and said, "Well, that's not a picture." But, when I play by myself, they get it, as depressing as that is to me, because I like having my friends around."

Fireworks for you in the ozone snow.