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"Snake Oil"
(written by Kristin Hersh)

Well, I never
I never saw
Anybody move like that before
Why do we spend so much time here on the floor,
Looking up like I did before?
Your intoxicating movement ate away
At my sad eyes and my headache
I never
I never thought
I'd be falling,
I'd be caught
I see a bone and a straw in the dirt
White Nevada light
I squint against his shirt
My sleeping pills melted and I sleep fine
The tears on my shoulder won't keep me up tonight
The snake around my finger starts to unwind
Soak up the weather
Suck up the sun
Into your bones
Then move on
I see a snake and a girl in the snow
White Nevada light
I feel the itch to go
The tears on my shoulder freeze then boil
I wouldn't be here if not for your snake oil

Guitar Tab (courtesy of Red Eyes)

- The Grotto, 2003
- Instant Live: The Paradise, 2005
- Mississippi Candlelight, 2006
10-4 All, 2008
- Cats And Mice, 2010

"There was this cool snake I found when my bus broke down and it was in the bus fix-it place. All there is to do around the bus fix-it place is wander around in the empty lot next door, which is what I was doing, and I found a very wicked snake. Looked like a rattlesnake without a rattle, but we have a rule in our family about picking up snakes without checking the snake out with dad first. Apparently some of them kill you or something. So what I did was make a little garbage map pointing to the snake, so that I could come back with everybody and we could all look at the cool snake, figuring that the snake had nothing better to do than sit in my garbage map waiting for me to come back and poke at it. Apparently it didn't, 'cause it was still there when we got back. But one of my children was afraid of snakes and I thought he needed to have a moment with one, with a good one. And snakes can be bitchy, and bite and run away, and I don't, you know, want to call them on that or anything, but some of them are nice to hang with. They wrap around your arm, and they look you in the eye, and when a snake looks you in the eye it's not in a scary horse way, with his eyes rolled back in his head, and it's not in a freaky bird way, switching his gaze, you know, from eye to eye. It's just, right on, like a penguin looks at you. And I wanted him to have one of those, you know, penguin moments with a snake. And he did. And I wrote this." 

Fireworks for you in the ozone snow.