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Get Involved!

Those of us who already consider ourselves to be Hersh Heads know that one of our favorite things about Kristin Hersh is the effort that she puts into her relationship with her fans. Kristin and her husband/manager Billy O'Connell make it a priority to make sure that the fans are happy, and they know how much we appreciate feeling "close" to Kristin and feeling involved in her work. In the process of us fans getting to feel closer to Kristin, we have also begun to feel close to each other. Anyone who is a Kristin Hersh fan knows that it is somewhat of a rarity to find others who love and appreciate Kristin's work (or have even heard of her), so the online fan community that we have built provides a haven for Kristin fans to come together and discuss all things Kristin with those who understand and share our obsession with her beautiful art. But this page is not exactly intended for those who are already Hersh Heads, or for those who are already Strange Angel subscribers. This page is for those who may think they are becoming fans of Kristin and may want to be a part of our wonderful, close-knit fan community.

Here are a few ways you can "Get Involved" with Kristin's fan community:  
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Kristin and Billy have referred to this board as "a knock at the office door." Anything you post on this message board will most likely be read by Billy himself, and he has always been great about promptly addressing any questions or concerns that fans post there. Many of the members of this board have been a part of the online Kristin community (commonly referred to as Throwing Music Online, or TMO) since the beginning when the website was Many of us have gotten to know each other just from talking on the forum and forming meet-ups at Kristin's live shows and have created wonderful friendships.

This is the ultimate way to "Get Involved" for a Kristin Hersh fan. Become a Strange Angel (pay $30 every three months), and you'll receive FREE guest list spots for you and a friend at any Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses or 50FOOTWAVE concert. You'll also receive all of Kristin's forthcoming albums, also FREE, before they're officially released. On top of all of this wonderfulness, Strange Angels (affectionately referred to as Strangels) also receive tons of extra little perks along the way, like Kristin's new video works in progress series. The best part of being a Strange Angel is knowing that our contributions directly support Kristin's work and help her to keep making wonderful music for us. If you want to support Kristin even more, you can provide Studio Level Support, Sponsor Level Support, or Executive Producer Level Support. Read more about all of these options by clicking the link above.