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Kristin Hersh
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- House Tornado, 1988
- Saving Grace, 1988
- House Tornado/The Fat Skier (as part of House Tornado), 1988

"Saving Grace"
(written by Kristin Hersh)

So we drive and we've driven 10,000 miles
In our home town
Sink back into the driveway
Which is zen:
The head in the stars or the body in the chair?
A saving grace
At odds with technology
A saving grace
Eighteen with a bottle of water
Cold jeans and the face of Gibraltar
How many trunks of your goods,
How many goods do you give away?
I'm spellbound when I can't move, I
Stand in front of you
I'm flipping back the pages of your calendar
And your books
And your childhood, and your looks
I try to move in your direction
Against the grain of time
I'm hoping to recollect my thoughts and motions
I pray to science and history my cancer doesn't grow
I worship and forget you,
Worship and forget you.
A saving grace
And holding on to what we've made
As it drags us by the legs
Across the living room
Put the children to bed
For a good night, for tomorrow

Don't worry, dance in the road.