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Kristin Hersh
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(written by Kristin Hersh)

This is him
When I, when I, I begin
Call him tied, call him taken
Call him anything but shaken
Call him wasted, call him shaved
Call him anything but made
Call that firepile a home
Don't give away the end
I come back, I rush to wait
Where the pavement starts to crack
I put my foot down
The sidewalk's so hot
The sidewalk's so hot
Think of all the junk I could lay my hands on,
Purify my heart
That firepile's your home.
Your baby's running faster
Count the times I left my clothes out,
Count the tires one more time,
Count the times I let the air out
That firepile's your home
And you're mine

- Firepile (12"), 1992
Firepile (Part 1), 1992
Firepile (Part 2) ("Firepile" appears as a remix), 1992
- Firepile (Part 1 & 2), 1992
- Firepile, 1992
- Red Heaven, 1992
- Various Tracks ("Firepile" appears as a remix), 1992
- The Curse, 1992
- Live In Providence, recorded 1992, released 2001

Don't worry, dance in the road.